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We’re pleased to present this classic sex-wrestling match from XtremeFemaleFighting — remastered in full HD!

Aggressive deep kissing and forced orgasms, sounds like fun – Akira Lane and Ariel X meet nude and ready for action. It starts with just deep forced kissing as Ariel forces her long wet tongue down the Asian beauty’s throat, not to be outdone she returns the favor with some hot wet kisses of her own. Soon their naked bodies are intwined and rolling on the couch, X roughly grabs her by the throat to control her then again forces her kisses in as she simultaneously strokes Akira’s pussy, soon the stroking tuns to insertion as they both finger each other but always slamming more kisses in. Kisses lead to tribbing and humping and this gets them so hot they can’t help but insert their hungry tongues into the now wet pussies. Over and over these naked beauties pleasure each other, getting more aggressive and more sexual as they go till the orgasms overflow – but always, always we come back to the deep wet kisses !!!!!